Full Stack Development

Full stack development is the ability to build high-quality, test-driven applications from scratch.

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Full Stack Development

Full stack development is the ability to build high-quality, test-driven applications from scratch. Full stack developers are fluent in multiple coding languages and have an in-depth knowledge of refactoring, debugging, design patterns, and more in order to do work on both the client side (frontend) and server side (backend) of the application. Developers use agile methodologies to deliver work efficiently and according to client requirements. Working with a full stack development team on a project provides consistent communication and quality assurance from start to finish.

UI/UX Design

Think about your favorite apps, websites, and other software products: They are intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and interactive. These qualities are the result of great UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) design. 9b’s approach begins with user research and interviews, then we rapidly prototype the UI for your feedback. The best part: After designing the product, our full stack team has the skills to build it.

Web Development

Whether you are building something from scratch or improving an existing web application, 9b has you covered. We work alongside your team and improve the speed and quality of your application for a flexible amount of time. While we have a deep knowledge of database architecture, Ruby on Rails, and React, we are flexible and will use whatever tools and technologies make sense for you and your team.

Embedding with Your Team

Every organization has a different capacity for handling technology and all the work that comes with it. 9b developers are happy to embed with your existing team to provide ongoing support and help you reach the highest-priority goals in your data strategy.

Coaching and Mentorship

All developers share a common skill: the ability to learn new things. 9b understands the value of coaching and mentorship in acquiring and refining skills. Our senior team members can share their industry knowledge and insight and provide hands-on training to help your dev team get to the next level.

What does it do for me?

In addition to building high-quality, test-driven applications from scratch, full stack developers can also work effectively in legacy applications. A full stack development team can help you transform your organization with lean yet versatile applications and help you deliver the user experience and functionality your stakeholders expect.

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