A for-benefit corporation

9b Corp is a data analytics consulting company passionate about the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of our community.

We specialize in connecting data from disparate systems and creating insights for audit and management in appealing, easy-to-understand visualizations. We work with nonprofit organizations, corporations, and government entities. 


Founded in 2018, 9b operates as a "for-benefit" corporation. This means we're a for-profit business that spends our time and money to benefit our community.

We are based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Photo: 9b CEO Nathan Pickard planting trees in the Tisdale Food Forest along the L.L. Tisdale Parkway in 2015. The forest of 500 fruit and nut trees is managed by Restoration Collective. 

About our name

The name "9b" says a lot about our company in just two characters.


The number 9 is the least likely to occur as a leading digit in a given data set, according to Benford's Law. We employ theory to gain insight from big data when writing analytics. 


As for the "b," we aim to become a certified B Corp, which is a business that meets the "highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose."  

In our community

9b actively supports the following local organizations, all based in the community just north of downtown Tulsa. 


The Joinery is a 2,840-square-foot-square-foot, two-story, brick residence under construction in Tulsa—and the first registered Living Building Challenge™ project in Oklahoma.


Restoration Collective is a nonprofit organization focused on changing how the community just north of downtown interacts with its natural, social, and built environment.


Emerson Montessori Foundation is implementing a one-of-a-kind outdoor experience, while working to ensure a socioeconomically inclusive environment at Emerson Elementary.

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