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Founded in 2018, 9b began with a data analyst, a former journalist and a farmer with a finance degree. As we gained traction and developed our core products and services, we knew that benefitting our customers, community and team needed to be the driving force behind the work we do.

In 2021, we became a B Corp and officially adopted the principles to be a force for good. We’ve continued to scale 9b and helped numerous purpose-driven organizations across the region find data solutions.

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The name "9b" says a lot about us in just two characters.

The number 9 is the rarest to occur as a leading digit in a given data set, according to Benford's Law. This theory is applied when analyzing the validity of financial records.

As for the "b," our company is a Certified B Corporation. A B Corp is a business that meets the "highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose."

While we’re part of a global community of thousands of businesses, we are one of three in Oklahoma to hold the certification from B Lab. The rigorous yet rewarding process took 15 months to complete, and we earned a verified score of 113.9! (The minimum is 80.)

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Our core values


We believe in distributed authority and decision-making using the Holacracy framework. Through our agile, self-organizing teams, we embrace our individual humanity, autonomy, and creative problem-solving capacities.


We believe each of our employees is a talented individual with the potential to flourish. We’re always looking for new ways to support our employees’ health and happiness, providing flexibility, great benefits, and personal and professional learning opportunities.


We’re committed to serving purpose-driven organizations based in our community and hiring employees who call Tulsa home. Keeping our operations local reduces our environmental footprint, maximizes our economic benefit, and deepens our connections to our community.


We believe it’s our responsibility and privilege to be stewards of the environment. Along with practicing environmentally conscious consumption in our workplace, we support regenerative building and agriculture projects in our community, including our workspace just north of downtown.


We believe that exceptional customer service begins with listening and understanding so we can deliver exactly what each client wants quickly and without headaches. We’re motivated to create innovative, data-driven solutions that allow our customers to create an impact in the Tulsa community.

Meet the team

9b is an agile, self-organizing team made up of experienced data analysts and developers, certified auditors and accountants, and former educators and journalists.

Meet the team
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Our community

As a Certified B Corp, 9b is empowered to use our business "as a force for good."

Learn more about some of the local organizations we support:

The Joinery

The Joinery is a sustainable building under construction in a historic Tulsa neighborhood and the first registered Living Building Challenge™ project in Oklahoma.

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Restoration Collective, Inc.

Restoration Collective is a nonprofit focused on changing how the community just north of downtown interacts with its natural, social, and built environment.

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Emerson Montessori Foundation is implementing a one-of-a-kind outdoor experience while working to ensure a socioeconomically inclusive environment at Emerson Elementary.

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