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Get to the root of Tulsa’s systemic challenges through geographic data. Neighborhood Explorer informs the full scope of an issue through an equity lens and shares real, actionable solutions.

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By focusing on location-based data, Neighborhood Explorer answers specific questions to help understand how system changes might influence others and predict changes over time. Neighborhood Explorer also provides access to existing research questions.


See the needs and resources throughout our community to identify gaps in service

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As more Tulsa organizations ask questions, linked data provides even greater insight into our city. Neighborhood Explorer aims to foster a culture of collaboration and create positive change in Tulsa.

Overcome barriers and biases

Nonprofits and funders often face unconscious bias and challenges when addressing the needs of a community. These barriers can negatively impact reaching actionable insights:

Spending time or money on a narrow focus rather than the broader systemic issue.

Asking the same questions as others but individually seeking solutions

Reusing data sources inefficiently with different tools and techniques

Difficulty in measuring the effectiveness and impact of their work

Neighborhood Explorer helps to:

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Determine both needs and resources in time and place

With a better understanding of community needs, funders and nonprofits can prioritize their spending and make informed decisions about how to allocate resources.

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Better understand people & environment before proposing solutions

Nonprofits and organizations can clearly communicate and work with the community to address needs. This also helps identify the existing resources in an area, allowing for community partnerships.

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Predict the impact of solutions and the effect on the neighborhood

Using local data, nonprofits and funders can easily visualize changes in the community before and after their support.

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Harnessing Tulsa’s data for good

Our vision for Neighborhood Explorer is to become a shared asset for our community that grows into an increasingly robust tool with every question answered. By growing with each analysis, Neighborhood Explorer will continue to strengthen our understanding of Tulsa.

All Neighborhood Explorer data undergoes a process that considers data equity throughout analysis, ensuring that individuals are protected and time- and place-based inequities are addressed.

Upcoming Neighborhood Explorer Features

Impact Tracker
Automatically track your chosen long-term and short-term outcome measures to review your impact in real-time.

Nonprofit Dashboard
Create your logic model, report your outputs and share with funders.

Funder Dashboard
Build your priorities and budgets, then review how your funding is making an impact.

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