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9b provides data and analytics solutions to purpose-driven organizations.

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We integrate and collaborate with your team.

9b rethinks data to answer your organization's critical questions.

At 9b Corp, we adapt to fill the gaps in your organization so you can focus on your mission. Our nimble team of experts can be hired as consultants to augment your existing data workflow or operate as your full-time data department. We work to empower our clients to make well-informed, evidence-driven decisions.

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Case studies

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Data visibility for the whole team

The problem for one OKC-based company: An Excel spreadsheet with millions of rows of essential business data was crashing on a daily basis. The solution: 9b managed a smooth, enterprise-level implementation of Microsoft Power BI, allowing multiple teams across the company to analyze large amounts of continuously updated data without costly interruptions.

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A little bit of automation goes a long way

Before partnering with 9b’s full stack development team, a group of attorneys was doing much of their crucial discovery work manually: looking up case information online and pasting it from the website into a Word document. 9b eliminated 30 hours of work a week for the attorneys by automatically pulling the case information they needed from the website and building a secure database to capture it.

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Filling the gaps so you can get work done

Even data analysts struggle with inefficient processes and frustrating workarounds to do what should be a quick and simple task. 9b supported a solo data analyst at a nonprofit organization with data engineering services, automatically requesting and saving information from an API using Amazon Web Services tools. The analyst could now spend his time creating reports in Tableau and zero time dealing with manual downloads and missing information.

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Answering your questions, big or small

How has the availability of childcare centers changed over the years in Tulsa? 9b uses data analytics and visualization to answer questions like these all the time. Luckily, we had been collecting and combining relevant data sources for years when a community group came to us with this question. With much of the legwork complete, 9b quickly visualized historical data in a Tableau map for users to identify zip codes with insufficient childcare and quantify the number of seats needed to adequately serve children living in those zip codes.

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Saving you time now and later

A local intermediary organization wanted to share individualized impact reports with each of their 40+ partners in the out-of-school learning space. 9b created a single, interactive data visualization in Tableau with standardized analytics. All our client had to do was select a partner’s name in a filter and the dashboard refreshed with that partner’s data. We saved our client countless hours creating unique and up-to-date reports with just one click, and helped foster the data culture among their partners in the long term.

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The 9b Team

Harnessing Tulsa’s data for good

9b has pulled all these services together to create something special for the Tulsa community.

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We live in and love Tulsa.

With 100% of our team living in Tulsa, we’re committed to serving at least 75% local and independent clients. Tulsa is our home and the positive impact created by our local clients helps our shared community thrive.

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Our workspace north of downtown Tulsa

What’s a B Corp?

A ‘for-benefit’ corporation

A B Corp is a business that meets the ”highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.” [1]

As one of only four B-certified businesses in Oklahoma, we take great pride in our efforts to positively impact not only our team but the greater community around us.

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