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We do analytics​

to make organizations awesome and

help communities thrive. 

What we do

Data services and solutions


9b analysts specialize in financial reporting, continuous auditing, and data consulting. We work with corporations, nonprofit organizations, and government entities.


Think about how many transactions your organization records in your financial system—invoices, journal entries, purchase orders—on a regular basis. 


Rather than leave that information dormant, we clean, automate, and visualize your accounting data to generate valuable insights.

Our goal is to simplify the reporting on your data so you can leverage it to drive better business outcomes.

Continuous auditing 

Every organization has a goal to make the most of its resources and lower risk and waste. 


We built a solution that combines data analytics with Agile methodologies. Our solution enables teams of all sizes to perform flexible yet focused internal audits. 

Our goal is to empower you to reduce the pain/cost associated with weak processes and make data-driven improvements.

Nonprofit consulting 

As a nonprofit, you can do a lot with data: learn about your community, measure the impact of your campaign, and show donors the objective value of your work.


But it can be hard to know where to begin. We provide consulting services geared toward nonprofits, from data collection to grant assistance. 


Our goal is to help you confidently use data to reach your goals.




View our published reports and product demos below.

Find examples of our client projects and products below.

2020 Impact Report

A recap of our company's impact in the following areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers.

Find examples of our client projects and products below.

Internal Audit Reports

Reports prepared for the Tulsa City Auditor's Office detailing our data analysis and visualization of core financial functions: Payroll, Accounts Payable, and more.

Find examples of our client projects and products below.

Continuous Auditing Dashboards

A demonstration of our continuous auditing dashboards in Tableau, which locate and detail high-risk transactions as they move through a given process.

Find examples of our client projects and products below.

Using Data Analytics to Understand
Accounting Risks

A joint presentation by 9b's CEO and the Tulsa City Auditor to the Oklahoma Society of CPAs, Tulsa chapter.


Who we are

A 'for-benefit' corporation

The name "9b" says a lot about us in just two characters.

The number 9 is the rarest to occur as a leading digit in a given data set, according to Benford's Law. This theory is applied when analyzing the validity of financial records.


As for the "b," our company is a benefit corporation—one of the first in Oklahoma after lawmakers passed legislation in 2019—and a pending B Corp. The benefit corporation is our legal structure, while B Corp Certification is awarded by the nonprofit B Lab. A Certified B Corp is a business that meets the "highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose." 

With over a decade of experience in internal audit, data analyst Nathan Pickard founded 9b in 2018 after receiving consulting requests from local clients and learning about Certified B Corps. Nathan has spent as many years as a community organizer, leading reforesting and food resilience projects north of downtown Tulsa. He saw starting a B Corp as a sustainable way to expand these projects and support new community endeavors through financial investment and job creation.


While pursuing B Corp certification, 9b's team of analysts is making data accessible for clients through innovative services and solutions. This work allows us to bring our vision to life: to see Tulsa flourish as a resilient community.


As a benefit corporation, 9b is legally empowered to pursue positive stakeholder and community impact alongside profit. Find information about the specific organizations we support below.

The Joinery logo, a Living Building Challenge project in Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Joinery is a sustainable building under construction in a historic Tulsa neighborhood and the first registered Living Building Challenge™ project in Oklahoma.

Restoration Collective logo, a mix of environmental and community-minded projects focused north of downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma

Restoration Collective is a nonprofit focused on changing how the community just north of downtown interacts with its natural, social, and built environment.

Emerson Montessori Foundation logo, combines a socioeconomically diverse elementary with an emphasis on outdoor experience

Emerson Montessori Foundation is implementing a one-of-a-kind outdoor experience while working to ensure a socioeconomically inclusive environment at Emerson Elementary.



The 9b team is made up of certified data analysts, programmers, auditors, and accountants as well as artists, educators, and former journalists. 

Nathan Pickard 
Senior Analyst

David Osborn

Senior Analyst

David Paddock

Senior Analyst

Holden Mitchell

Senior Developer

Wendell Mitchell

Senior Analyst

Arianna Pickard


David Connolly
Generalist Designer

Molly Pickard

Documentation Manager

Braden Pickard

Community Projects Manager


Contact 9b

640 N. Denver Ave. Tulsa, OK 74106