What we do

9b specializes in continuous monitoring solutions, sales tax recovery, and automating financial reporting.

We are proficient in Munis, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and SAP ERP systems. We use Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Power Platform, Tableau, Galvanize (ACL), Arbutus software products and have a diverse knowledge of programming languages.

Accounting Analytics

Think about how many transactions your organization records in your financial system—invoices, journal entries, purchase orders—on a regular basis. 

Rather than leave that wealth of  information dormant, we cleanse, automate, and visualize your accounting data to help you answer questions, measure concepts, and find relationships.

Our goal is to reduce complexity and help you leverage your financial data in order to drive business outcomes.

Internal Audit & Fraud Detection

Frequent and focused audits are key to improving the performance and productivity of your organization.


We build custom continuous audit dashboards to identify fraud risks, high costs, bottlenecks, and training needs as they occur and accumulate in your processes, from payroll to travel and expense. 

In collaboration with your team, we document workflow, develop analytics and KPIs, and display these metrics in Tableau, or your preferred visualization tool.

Process Mining

Entry errors, unclear roles, missed deadlines—these are all signs that your process is not running smoothly.

Instead of creating countless workarounds, analyzing your data can first reflect what is actually happening in your existing process and then inform how it could be improved.

Process mining dives deep in the data available in your information systems to solve problems and revitalizes process management in organizations that are experiencing roadblocks.

Cost Recovery

Transactions are the root of most business risk, and can negatively affect an organization's profit and relationships.

Cost recovery analytics not only contextualize cash leakage but also flag the conditions for potential losses before they happen.

By automatically poring over your financial data, cost recovery analytics allow you to oversee expenditures, mitigate shortfalls or overruns, capture unapplied credits or discounts, and more.

Nonprofit Services

As a nonprofit, you can do a lot with data—learn about your clients or community, measure the impact of your campaign, and support your mission with facts and figures. 


But it can be difficult to know where to begin.


We can guide you through every step: needs assessment, data collection, standardization, and reporting. With this suite of services, you will be able to show stakeholders and potential donors the value of your work.

Data Visualization

One of the best ways to share information is show it.  We build interactive data visualizations in Tableau, Power BI, and more. 

The user experience is our driving creative force. We involve you in development to ensure we meet your needs and deliver the most value.


The result is an appealing and accessible visualization that helps you gain insight, make decisions, and present findings to your stakeholders.

Our clients



Family Advocates



Public Defender'S Office

Reading Partners

Saint Francis Health System

Still SHE Rises

Tulsa County

GKFF and Cherokee Nation currently contract with Tulsa Analytics, LLC., which is fully owned by 9b.

How we work

We employ the Agile methodology of project management. 

This means we deliver working product every two weeks or less and maintain a collaborative relationship with our stakeholders throughout the engagement.

We use "Scrum" to avoid costly delays and provide the highest value of work as soon as possible.

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