Data services and solutions

9b analysts specialize in financial reporting, continuous auditing, and data consulting. We work with corporations, nonprofit organizations, and government entities. 


Financial reporting

Think about how many transactions your organization records in your financial system—invoices, journal entries, purchase orders—on a regular basis. 


Rather than leave that information dormant, we clean, automate, and visualize your accounting data to generate valuable insights.

Our goal is to simplify reporting and help you leverage your data in order to drive business outcomes.

Continuous auditing

Every organization has a goal to make the most of its resources and lower risk and waste. 


So, we built a solution that combines data analytics with Agile methodologies. Our solution enables teams of all sizes to perform flexible yet focused internal audits. 

Our goal is to empower you to reduce the pain/cost associated with weak processes and make data-driven improvements.

Nonprofit consulting

As a nonprofit, you can do a lot with data: learn about your community, measure the impact of your campaign, and show donors the objective value of your work.


But it can be hard to know where to begin. We provide consulting services geared toward nonprofits, from data collection to grant assistance. 


Our goal is to help you confidently use data to reach your goals.

How we work

We employ the Agile methodology of project management. 

This means we deliver working product every two weeks or less and maintain a collaborative relationship with our stakeholders throughout the engagement.

We use "Scrum" to avoid costly delays and provide the highest value of work as soon as possible.

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