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9b analysts specialize in financial reporting and business intelligence, continuous audit and monitoring, and data consulting. We work with corporations, nonprofit organizations, and government entities. 


GKFF and Cherokee Nation currently contract with Tulsa Analytics, LLC., which is fully owned by 9b.

Financial reporting and business intelligence

Think about how many transactions your organization records in your financial system—invoices, journal entries, purchase orders—on a regular basis. 

You already have the data. 9b lets you wield it.


Rather than leave that wealth of  information dormant, we clean, automate, and visualize your accounting data to help you answer questions, measure concepts, and find relationships.

Our goal is to reduce complexity and help you leverage your financial data in order to drive business outcomes.

Continuous audit and monitoring 

Fast, frequent and focused internal audits are key to improving the performance and productivity of your organization. 


You invested in the right data and policies. 9b finds risk and waste.

We write analytics to review data and visualize the results in custom, interactive dashboards, enabling you to continuously monitor core processes, from AP to HR.


Our dashboards identify and detail risks, costs, bottlenecks, and training opportunities at the transactional level. 

Data consulting for nonprofits

As a nonprofit, you can do a lot with data—learn about your clients or community, measure the impact of your campaign, and support your mission with facts and figures.

You know where you want to go. 9b guides you through every step of the way. 

We curate our consulting services just for nonprofits, which include data programming, data reporting, and grant assistance. 

With our help, you will be able to show stakeholders and potential donors the value of your work.

How we work

We employ the agile methodology of project management. 

This means we deliver working product every two weeks or less and maintain a collaborative relationship with our stakeholders throughout the engagement.

We use "Scrum" to avoid costly delays and provide the highest value of work as soon as possible.

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