Working at 9b

9b Corp is a for-benefit corporation based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


We make organizations awesome and help communities thrive by providing creative data analysis services for nonprofits and financial/auditing services for municipalities.

Our team does everything from full-stack programming, data analysis, auditing, and accounting to visual art, journalism, education, and design.


We want Tulsa to flourish as a deeply interconnected, resilient community, so we are looking for individuals with diverse voices and unique skills to help us accomplish this vision.


As a for-benefit corporation, we make sure our employees are thriving, which means there are many benefits to working at 9b.


If you work at 9b, you enjoy a flexible work schedule, the chance to take on a variety of roles, income that matches how much you want to work, health, disability, and life insurance, retirement, and more.


Our company is a Holacracy. A Holacracy features an organizational structure emphasizing distributed authority, autonomy, structural adaptability, and consent-based decision-making.

As equal-level role players in the Holacracy governance process, team members engage one another to actionably make 9b better. 

A Good Fit? 


You are a person whose kindness, inquisitiveness, sociability, and good humor match your wealth of technical expertise. You have a high degree of social awareness and entrepreneurialism towards growing a new network of clients.


You not only can build tools, but also present, and develop strong relationships with new and existing purpose-driven clients.


You prefer not to have a manager looking over your shoulder, or lining up tasks for you, but rather would like accountabilities to fulfill and the authority to get them done how you see fit.

You have an insatiable desire to learn and can exert the necessary grit to figure things out that might reach beyond your current technical expertise.



Senior Full-Stack Developer

About the job


We are looking for an experienced full-stack developer to join our growing team. In this job, you will be responsible for:


  • Building high-quality, test-driven software

  • Consulting with clients on project status and proposals

  • Modifying software to fix errors, adapt it to new hardware, improve its performance, or upgrade interfaces

  • Directing software programming and documentation development

  • Working with clients or departments on technical issues including software system design and maintenance

  • Analyzing information to recommend and plan the installation of new systems or modifications of an existing system

  • Consulting with engineering staff to evaluate software interfaces and develop specifications and performance requirements

  • Conferring with project managers to obtain information on limitations or capabilities

Skills & Experience


Technical Skills

  • Ruby on Rails - 3+ years of experience

  • Postgres or other relational databases

  • Solid understanding of Git workflow

  • AWS, Heroku

  • Test Driven Development (TDD) and Continuous Integration

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript


Personal Skills

  • Communicating with clients and team members

  • Self-organizing, comfortable with autonomy

  • Rapid learning

  • Juggling multiple roles

  • Comfort with structure (See Holacracy under "Governance".)

  • Comfort with conflict (Willing to raise and solve tensions to improve how we work)


Analytics Manager


About the job


We are looking for a data analyst with Tableau and/or Microsoft Power BI expertise to join our growing team. In this job, you will be responsible for:

  • Collaborating with clients to understand and prioritize their data reporting needs ​

  • Exploring clients’ data environment and assessing gaps to meet requirements

  • Building and designing reports (spreadsheets, dashboards, etc.) for clients

  • Training end-users on new reports and dashboards

  • Providing technical expertise on data storage structures, data mining, and data cleansing

  • Managing master data, including creation, updates, and deletion

  • Managing users and user roles

  • Provide quality assurance of imported data

  • Commissioning and decommissioning of data sets

  • Processing confidential data and information according to guidelines

  • Managing and designing the reporting environment, including data sources, security, and metadata

  • Supporting the data warehouse in identifying and revising reporting requirements

  • Supporting initiatives for data integrity and normalization

  • Assessing tests and implementing new or upgraded software and assisting with strategic decisions on new systems

  • Generating reports from single or multiple systems

  • Troubleshooting the reporting database environment and reports

  • Evaluating changes and updates to source production systems

Skills & Experience


Technical Skills

  • Tableau and/or Microsoft Power BI - 3+ years of experience

  • Bonus: any experience with web development, databases, or APIs


Personal Skills

  • Communicating with clients and team members

  • Self-organizing, comfortable with autonomy

  • Rapid learning

  • Juggling multiple roles

  • Comfort with structure (See Holacracy under "Governance".)

  • Comfort with conflict (Willing to raise and solve tensions to improve how we work)



If you’re interested in joining the team, send us a resume and tell us about yourself at We’d love to set up a time to get to know you, let you show off your skills, and introduce you to our team and the way we work. 


All applicants are considered for all positions without regard to race, religion, color, sex, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, national origin, ancestry, physical/mental disability, medical condition, military/veteran status, genetic information, marital status, ethnicity, alienage or any other protected classification, in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws. By completing this application, you are seeking to join a team of hardworking professionals dedicated to consistently delivering outstanding service to our customers and contributing to the financial success of the organization, its clients, and its employees. Equal access to programs, services, and employment is available to all qualified persons. Those applicants requiring accommodation to complete the application and/or interview process should contact a management representative.