Financial reporting & business intelligence

Think about how many transactions your organization records in your financial system—invoices, journal entries, purchase orders—on a regular basis. 


Rather than leave that information dormant, we clean, automate, and visualize your accounting data to generate valuable insights.

Our goal is to simplify the reporting on your data so you can leverage it to drive better business outcomes.


Financial reporting with 9b is exactly what you need to see, when you need to see it. We build reports from the ground up, starting at the most granular level. Our reports provide you with detailed, accurate and up-to-date reporting by department, vendor, job and much, much more.

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9b brings together the stories of your internal and external data sources, software, and all other parts of your financial system to speak as one. By knowing the story of your money as it happens, you can always be up to speed for the most optimal operating capability organization wide.


Are your daily, weekly, or monthly  tasks routine, monotonous, or manual? We can automate them—ask us how. We can help you design and implement a workflow to get you back to doing your real job.

Featured client

Saint Francis Health System

Saint Francis

9b brought together tax rate, purchase order, invoice, vendor, patient, and materials data in SAP to identify past invoices for medical items that were most likely tax exempt under new Oklahoma legislation—saving Saint Francis countless hours of work.

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