Continuous audit & monitoring

You invested in the right data and policies. We find risk and waste.

We write analytics to review data and visualize the results in custom, interactive dashboards, enabling you to continuously monitor core processes, from AP to HR.


Our dashboards identify and detail risks, costs, bottlenecks, and training opportunities at transactional level. 

Data analytics for rigorous, automated oversight

We employ data to do the hard work for you.

Data analytics perform on demand, ensuring you have the most up-to-date information when measuring productivity and performance.


In collaboration with auditors, managers and key staff, we document workflow, discuss associated risks, and then use analytics to detect occurrences of those risks.

Additionally, we identify opportunities for training and cost savings and pinpoint inefficiencies in the system.

Visual dashboards for rich insight, swift problem-solving

Following data analysis, we make it easy to see the results in one comprehensive Tableau dashboard. 

When designing this dashboard, our goal is to reduce complexity. It shows your entire workflow, highlights risks and controls, and explains the essential details. We make diving into the data simple.

Also, we present any requested key performance indicators (KPIs) in additional Tableau visualizations.

User experience informs the quality and value of our product, so we are happy to incorporate testing in project development.

Documentation for detailed reference, further exploration

In addition to analytics and visualizations, we provided the following with each project:  

  • Summary of work completed with background and exhibits.

  • Blueprint of business objectives, project drivers, and value proposition.

  • Flowchart of workflow and its associated risks and analytics.

  • Diagram showing the relationship among data tables.

  • Quick reference of all analytics created.

  • Detailed documentation of all analytics created.

  • Record of work to be completed in the future.

  • ​Interview memos with stakeholders. 

  • ​Additional documents that informed the project.

Our process

We employ the agile method of project management. This means we deliver valuable product every two weeks or less and maintain a collaborative relationship with our stakeholders. Here's how a typical engagement breaks down:

Inputs: Research, map data environment, document workflow, brainstorm analytics

Outputs: Interview memos, project canvas, flowchart, entity relationship diagram

Inputs: Prioritize, code review, and document data analytics 

Outputs: Developed analytics with descriptions, finalized flowchart and ERD

Inputs: Put analytics into production and design interactive dashboards

Outputs: Analytic results, data visualizations (process dashboard, KPIs), full project documentation


Read the most recently published reports detailing our work.

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City of of Tulsa Internal Audit, May 2020

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